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I am a hobbyist voice actor and I have decided to help fund my education through using my natural talent in voice acting. I am MTF Transgender and I am willing to do both Male and Female voices.
I have also begun learning to draw for my own pleasure.

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Willing to Voice Act anything you want!

Hi there, I'm Isabelle or McCarthyVox. I am a trans-female VA with a small amount of experience. I have voice acted for a couple of small projects here on newgrounds and a couple of smaller corporate employee training videos. I do my best to make sure that you are satisfied within a timely and professional manner with whatever you may need.

My rates are more than fair, as for Safe for Work projects I allow myself to be payed in bulk, depending on the number of lines and time of audio. An example would be $25 for 200 words or 5 minutes of audio. NSFW work that I am payed for is specifically per line and can vary in price from $2 per short line to $5 to a medium length line.

I have access to programs and equipment such as an MPM-1000 Microphone, Logic Pro X, Audacity, and Various Mixers to allow me to fine tune my voice for exactly what you need! My range can extend from a deep warrior preparing an honorable speech to his men to a small nervous girl blushing from embarrassment when meeting a cute boy.

You can contact me here on Newgrounds or through my Fiverr! I hope we can work on any project you please and I am more than flexible on the prices I listed here.